The day I was deaf

The day I was deaf

By: Kayleigh Goacher, Thomas Tallis School, Year 8

The day I was born
I couldn’t hear at all
The doctor said I was deaf
My family was shock
Because my older brother is deaf too
My Mum was there for me
My Mum work hard to learn sign language
And I wish I could thank her.

Now I have two brother who is deaf too.
I like being deaf because I can sign instead of speaking.
And I can be cheeky because I can turn off my hearing aid if anyone keep talking to me.
I hate when people say “how can you be deaf?” and more
I just wish the world would understand me of being deaf
And I want hearing people to learn sign languages
We can be equal and we can understand you.

One more thing- Deaf is the best!!!!!