My future of becoming a champion

My future of becoming a champion
It’s the world cup final.
The biggest cup
in the history of the cups!
The crowd and fans are going
crazy, wild.
I’m walking out of the tunnel
to the pitch.
My heart is pumping.
My hands are shaking.
I get on the pitch.
Kick off
then feeling aggressive
wanting to win
wanting the cup
so much
that we will be the champions.
Half time.
No goals.
Manager shouting,
and trying to make us do our best.
Second half kicks off.
Still no goals.
In the last thirty seconds
I score
an amazing free kick
to win the final
to win the cup
and feeling proud
to be the first deaf person
to be the champion
to be player of the tournament
to win the world cup!
Being Deaf

I know that I’m different from others,
I know they hear more than me,
I know I don’t really bother,
Because I don’t really mind.

But being deaf is fine,
You don’t have to change,
Just be yourself,
And just be proud!

There’s lots of people like you,
You don’t need to hide it,
You’re not meant to be ashamed,
Because it’s to you,

Hearing aids are another thing,
They’re for your good,
Some people doesn’t know about them,
So show it off!

It’s great to be deaf,
Because you can do lots of things,
Everyone has a special talent,
You’re just like everyone!

Proud to be me
Sometimes I find it hard to hear
because I was born with a little ear.
I have two eyes so I can see
but my one ear makes me me.
I don’t always catch every sound
of what goes on in the world around.
Please speak loud and please speak clear
because if you don’t I can’t hear.
If I ignore you when you speak
it’s because I’m deaf and not a freak.
The Feelings Of A Deaf Person

Being deaf feels like natural to me
I am very confident even thought I am deaf
All my family are proud that
I have made the most of my deafness

Being deaf is hard work
But would I change it???
I really don’t know as
I do not know any different!!!

Every day I try not to get stressed and angry
While I tried to understand what they said
But it difficult for me
Because if someone talks to me very fast
It makes me confused and do not understand

Every night sometimes I’m scared
Because I feel like someone come closer to me
Like creeping like the floorboards are moving

Sometimes I feel strange
Because I feel so very different
Especially when around my hearing friends

Family and friends are important
To everyone and they are very proud of me
They care about me
I love being with my family and friends

Being Deaf!!

Being deaf is BRILLANT! I am proud to be deaf!
Excited to communicate with my friends,
In sign language.
No deaf person is stupid they just can’t hear well.
Go and learn sign language so you can talk to deaf people.

Deaf is fun and freedom
Everyone talks using sign language,
Also lipreading.
Find out how many deaf people there are in whole world!

Be proud

Be proud
Enjoy yourself
Implants are important
Never be scared
Good boy

Don’t be shy
English help me to improve
And listening too
Friends are deaf too

Being Deaf!
I feel proud Being Deaf because deaf people are very close and help each other.
It is challenging Being Deaf because I have to improve my speech all the time and communicate with hearing people.
It is confusing Being Deaf because when other people talk very fast I can’t understand them.
It feels awesome Being Deaf because I enjoy signing its more fun.
I feel happy Being Deaf because I like who I am.
Communicating with our hands
Hi! My name is James.
I am full deaf and half hearing
profoundly deaf on my right
and half deaf on my left.
My mum is a bit full deaf.
My dad is profoundly deaf
when you can’t hear nothing
like your hearing just went gone.
All you hear is nothing.
My brother is hearing.
He hears everything.
He answers the phone!
He answers the door!
It feels ok being deaf and I like being deaf.
Hearing aid really helps me hear.
I can hear more than my mum and dad.
My family use BSL.
if they don’t understand they just ask me
I sign it to them
I just talk for them.
I sign for my mum and dad when they really need help.
A bit proud and a bit embarrassed
when other people start to look.
They be thinking how can they communicate with their hands?
At home I sign
at school I speak.
I can hear what everybody’s saying
but not everything.
If I don’t really get ‘em
I get my friends to help me
or I just come up close
Come on, what are you deaf?

“Come on, what are you, deaf”?
“Yeah I AM actually!”
“What is this… a joke?”
“No, I’m serious!”
“You having a laugh?”
I can’t hear a drum roll!
“What did you say?”
Come on turn it up
You know you want to!

Tell people you really are what you are

When you are on stage they give you the script
they tell you the words to say
I’m not backstage
I really AM deaf

Some people Who play Dr Who are really doctors
I’m not acting, it’s true
THat means I won’t be getting an Oscar for this part
(not like Colin Firth!)

I AM who I AM
Be grateful
You are Who you are
Be grace-full

I AM who I AM, OK? ( shout this)
Be proud
Leave it out, chill and relax
Don’t GO in the crowd.

Come on
What are you, hearing?
Yeah I AM actually
I’m hearing you saying you’re deaf
And brave.