Just Be True To Who you are

Just Be True To Who you are
I am an ordinary person you know that so why look at me and then walk away because i’m Deaf.
i may be Deaf but i have a Heart a Heart that i want to share with you all so i want you to look at me in the face and communicate with me it not all BSL. i can lip read what you say. so try because it’s worth it DON’T WALK AWAY because you will regret it.
How to communicate with Deaf students
Deaf is sometimes hard with using sign language & communication is confused if they were using sign so fast.
Sometime I am so confused with sign language BSL & SSE.
Deaf is great & fun.
Some deaf students who can’t sign is trying to catch up what they were saying & watch Deaf student.
Lipsreading sometime it hard for Deaf students when some Deaf students want to learn how to get involved with sign language with Deaf people
Now I am happy to learn sign language with Level 2 to communicate with Deaf student.



Be good attitude
Like meet new deaf and hearing friends
Achievement with NDCS Volunteer
Nice of person support to each other solves things
Communicate with deaf people, sign and lip read
Always be kind to people and Dream about my future in Philippines come true this my dream

Maybe Calvin?

I am a great lip reader
It’s sometimes hard to hear.

I am a hearing aid wearer
They help me to hear my own speech
And others too.

I am entertaining
At my sister’s 7th birthday
I played games with her friends.

I am a video game player
Addicted to Black Ops
Play it every day.

I am careless
I lose something, then find it, then lose it again.
I drive my Mum mad!

I am a macaroni and cheese pizza lover
My favourite food.

I am a professional texter
Shortening words –
C U L8R M8

I am lucky
Might be in America for Christmas.
How exciting!


I AM……….

I am quiet,
I don’t chat that much
Don’t know why.

I am lonely,
In the future you never know
May have more friends or not.

I am special,
Was born early and very tiny.
Not I am big and tall.

I am sporty,
I like netball, tennis and swimming.
My family think I am a fast runner.

I am a hearing aid user.
It’s not so bad…
if I’m not the only one.

I’m clever,
I can lip-read and
listen carefully.



If you talk too fast
I can’t hear
I need to lipread
So please be near

If you want to know about deafness
You should ask me!
I am called Charlotte Westall
Come and meet me!

If you try to sign
It helps me to know what you say
My family and friends
Then we can all play