Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids
Have to wear my hearing aids
Every day I
Always put them on!
Rhys my twin brother
Is deaf too but
No one else. It
Got easier on the way.
Always do my best!
It is quiet being
Sometime it’s not easy.
Being Deaf

I know that I’m different from others,
I know they hear more than me,
I know I don’t really bother,
Because I don’t really mind.

But being deaf is fine,
You don’t have to change,
Just be yourself,
And just be proud!

There’s lots of people like you,
You don’t need to hide it,
You’re not meant to be ashamed,
Because it’s to you,

Hearing aids are another thing,
They’re for your good,
Some people doesn’t know about them,
So show it off!

It’s great to be deaf,
Because you can do lots of things,
Everyone has a special talent,
You’re just like everyone!

Just a girl like you
Look at me what do you see?
Do you see my aids? or do you see me?
I’m just a girl who struggles to hear,
Do not stare, you have nothing to fear!
My ears are not perfect,
They do not work the best,
But I am a friendly girl,
Just like the rest.
I like to play with my sisters,
I like to dress up too,
I am just as wonderful as you!
My life being deaf
I got my hearing aids when I was 9 months.
When I was in nursery I put my hearing aids in the toilet.
I didn’t know what to do with my hearing aids.
I like going to the hospital to check my hearing aids.
I hate when my batteries ran out.
And I hate when my sister says “is it working your hearing aids?”
In the future I want to be a children’s nurse so I can check children’s blood.
I will be brave.
Hearing World


I always hate the noises.

But if the music is on I always listen to it.

When people shout at me.

It is annoying me.

I need to hear everything.

My hearing aid is important to me.

Because I want to hear.

But I am use the hearing aid.

I feel like I am hearing!



In the middle


Deaf and Hearing is Best

My hearing aid is helping me to hear.

If the Noise sound horrible and is annoyed at me

I can switch this off.

If my Family or friend or whatever they are talk to me

I can switch this on.


Finding out I’m deaf



























I am deaf!

Really I am deaf

That I never knew

When I was born my first day hearing


After I was born

People kept asked me

How can you be deaf?

And I say that is how

I was just born


I thought I was hearing

Really was I deaf?


I never knew

How? How? How?


And I was arrived

On first day

I never realise that

Only one person be deaf


Oh, I wished I be hearing because it waste my time

To change my battery

And all hearing people

Don’t have battery, hearing aid and radio aid

And not go to hospital


Unfair. Unfair.


But really I like my best friends and family

Because they be there for me

I thought just me


But still I’m lucky

Because the fantastic sign language

Deaf can get award and be famous

And lucky … they nice group … deaf people



Proud to be Deaf?

Proud to be Deaf?
Can’t decide………

Don’t matter who you are
And what life is like
Need to be proud of yourself
Who you are.
I am proud of myself.

I had hard time
I felt little bit like I don’t want to be deaf
Felt little bit odd
Wondering why
Because in the whole wide world hearing people are different to me.

When I take hearing aids off
I hear NOTHING !
But when I put them on
What is better
Silence or sound?
Sound all the way… but it annoys me and I switch it off.
Silence all the way… but I need to hear sound for life.
Can’t decide ………………….

Good days and bad days

What’s it like being deaf?
Not very nice to be honest.
Hopefully there’s a cure for me one day,
An operation to fix the hairs.

My hearing loss deteriorated.
At the start it was very good.
Thought nothing of it.
I could hear without my hearing aids quite well actually.
Then my hearing started going down like a bird being shot from the sky
or like the sun being eclipsed by the moon.

I’m always comparing
Being hearing to being deaf.

My hearing aids are very important to me.
I can’t hear anything without them anymore.
I wish I was hearing.
I think about it quite a lot.

On a good day …
I can hear people.
There’s no glue ear making it worse,
blocking the sound like a dam.
I’m much more confident.

On a bad day …
I can’t hear.
I can’t pronounce my words properly.
I’m frustrated depressed quiet and I just want to get home.
I have my good days and bad days
80% good
20% bad.

Being Deaf

Being deaf is great.
Being deaf is like normal.
What is it like being deaf?
We can be born being deaf.
Some people sign, some people don’t sign when they are deaf.

Being deaf is terrible.
Being deaf is like bad times.
Some people don’t like being deaf.
Why do we have to be deaf?

Hearing people dream about being deaf, that’s good!
Or isn’t it good?
I don’t know, I don’t even know about being deaf.
I think being deaf is better than hearing.
I can learn better and sign better.
Being deaf is lucky.
Deaf people are the luckiest guys in the world!
Being deaf is wonderful
Like being a wonderful person.
Being deaf means hearing aids come in handy.

Being Deaf! Being Deaf! It’s just so great!

Hearing is fantastic deaf is too hard

If your birthday coming up
Then make your birthday wish come true
I want to become hearing
In the future
I wish everything is normal
But back in the day
I become deaf again

Sound sounds like annoying
When I take off hearing aid
Hearing aid whistle
That’s why I don’t want to become deaf again

I wish I could become hearing
Get more friend
Like 1000 friend

The future
I will get wife hearing
Hearing baby
Have a good time in future
Great laugh
No trouble
No bad news
Just happy life
That’s all


Every day you get better at using your own hearing aids
Feeling comfortable and happy
Noise is irritating on the busy roads
Every day my language gets better and better
Some people don’t have hearing aids, problem?
Some you can help with sign language

Being Deaf

Being Deaf is so cool!!!
Every morning I put my hearing aids on.
I always go to deaf club.
Nothing wrong being deaf.
Great being deaf because sometimes I can have free entrance into car museums.

Deaf is the best!!!
Every deaf person is cool!!!
A deaf person just can’t hear well.
Forever being deaf… cool and I like it.

Deaf and proud to be Deaf

Every day I play sports and I love sports but it is don’t matter if you are deaf. You still can be better than hearing people
Always hate my hearing aids
Forever forgetting to put hearing aids on
Never call a deaf person dumb
Everyone is different and no-one is dumb
Speak using my hands but I can also talk
Sign language is easier for me but I practise my speech in speech therapy

There is nothing wrong with me

There is nothing wrong with me
I’m deaf!
I like being deaf
Because I can turn off my hearing aid and can’t hear you at all!
So if you are curious
Join a sign language class.
If you do, you will be the same as me!
We will be equal then.
One more thing…
You need to respect more to the deaf.

The day I was deaf

The day I was born
I couldn’t hear at all
The doctor said I was deaf
My family was shock
Because my older brother is deaf too
My Mum was there for me
My Mum work hard to learn sign language
And I wish I could thank her.

Now I have two brother who is deaf too.
I like being deaf because I can sign instead of speaking.
And I can be cheeky because I can turn off my hearing aid if anyone keep talking to me.
I hate when people say “how can you be deaf?” and more
I just wish the world would understand me of being deaf
And I want hearing people to learn sign languages
We can be equal and we can understand you.

One more thing- Deaf is the best!!!!!

Being deaf

I hate being deaf.
I don’t feel happy.
I can’t hear my screaming,
This is the worst ever!

When I go to hospital.
I wear hearing aid.
I can hear better,
Which is ok!

I wear hearing radio.
I don’t like hanging wire.
Everybody watched me,
Which hurt!

When I go to school.
I go to lunch with my friends.
I feel quite happy,
Which is quite good!

When I go to lessons.
I like learning with my group.
I like learning with my support teacher,
This is the best ever!

If you are born deaf

If you are born deaf, you will get a double hearing aid

The moulds are nice and cool and soft.

If you are frustrated don’t pull out your hearing aids,

They cost a lot of money!!

Do not pull out your moulds

You might lose them!

Don’t throw out your hearing aid

‘Cos they break easily!

Someone might scream down your ear

I got a cat and she deaf because I scream down her ear!!!!!

Don’t hit deaf people in the ear!

Don’t shout at deaf people to make them understand

It makes it harder

Talk slowly and carefully

The end

Being Deaf

I can’t help being deaf.
People say “push your hearing aid in” because it whistles a lot.
People shout at me because I didn’t hear the word they said.

I find being deaf is boring.
The don’t know what it’s like being deaf.
Going to hospital,
Going to school and going to the base
And not going to your friends.

I don’t want any friends because I feel happy on my own.
Some of them laugh at me especially the boys.
They’re always saying and signing “you are a naughty little deaf girl.”
I don’t do anything about it.

My sisters say to me deaf swear words.
My twin sister, we’re very different.
But I don’t mind anyway.
I can’t help being deaf.

Maybe Calvin?

I am a great lip reader
It’s sometimes hard to hear.

I am a hearing aid wearer
They help me to hear my own speech
And others too.

I am entertaining
At my sister’s 7th birthday
I played games with her friends.

I am a video game player
Addicted to Black Ops
Play it every day.

I am careless
I lose something, then find it, then lose it again.
I drive my Mum mad!

I am a macaroni and cheese pizza lover
My favourite food.

I am a professional texter
Shortening words –
C U L8R M8

I am lucky
Might be in America for Christmas.
How exciting!


Only the one me

I can’t really hear the wind much
Can’t really hear the bird
Can’t really hear quiet whispering much
Can’t really hear what u said.

I can’t really hear frog croak
Can’t really hear foot step
Can’t really hear people calling me from far
Can’t really hear cars driving up and down

That without my hearing aids.

With my hearing aids …

I can hear everything close to me
but not far away.
Sometimes people don’t understand
what I say.

When people shout near my ears
I feel a little bit of pain.
My brother makes my hearing aids fall out
He makes me insane!!!

There’s only the one me
Everyone knows me from the DSC!

I’ve got hearing aids
I don’t know why.
If I don’t have batteries
My hearing aids will die …
Bye bye!


My name Verônica
I AM deaf
I don’t like deaf because boring sign
I have hearing aids
When get bath hearing aids off
When off, inside ear wet
Fed up

I want being hearing but can’t!

When Mum ask me
With no sign
I say “What?”
Mum say “Never mind!”
I said “I AM deaf”
Mum said “I can’t sign, sorry!”
I feel lonely
I don’t know what my brother said
Come on in whole world
People need learn sign
Come on family
You need learn sign

When I was a Baby

I come from Ghana.
When I was a baby I could hear.
Now I am deaf.
Now I have 2 hearing aids.
I live in London.
I go to deaf school.
I was shy.
Now I talk.
I talk too much.
My dad is surprised.
My mum is excited.

My hearing aids

I have 2 hearing aids.
If I take hearing aids out
I don’t hear much.
I hear little bit.
I dream about watching television.
No hearing aids on.
I can hear the scary animals.
I don’t like hearing aids.
Television is too noisy.
Scary animals too noisy.
When I take them off,
I go to sleep.
Then I can’t hear.
I feel happy.
My brother has hearing aids.
I am a little bit deaf.
And my brother is lots deaf.
When he takes his hearing aids out,
He can’t hear anything.
When we grow up,
We will be strong,
And we will marry beautiful girls.

I am Deaf!

I am Deaf
I’ve got one implant
When I got my implant
It was great!!
I could hear everyone

When I was little I had hearing aids
I didn’t like it
I kept on taling them off

My sisters stay at home
My mum teaches them
But I go to school
to find deaf children

I don’t like it
when my batteries run out
I don’t like it when
Children say,
“What’s that in your ear?”

I like it when I go swimming
I can’t hear anything
but my family sign for me
and I know what they mean

Soon I’ll get another implant
I feel excited
I will hear cars going both ways

I will be safe…

Being Deaf

When I was little,
First I had hearing aids.
Then I got a cochlear Implant.
I feel excited,
Because I got both now.

I help my family.
My family are very kind
I feel very happy.

When people ask me
“Why are you deaf?”
I feel sad and shy.

People ask me
“What is that thing in your ear?”
I feel lonely and worried.

When my mum
Talks to me
I can understand.
I feel calm


I am named Oguzhan Arisoy.
I am deaf.
I wear hearing aids.

Being deaf is when you can’t hear/
It is so hard.
I have to listen very carefully.
So it gets so exhausting.

When I go to bed,
I take my hearing aids off.
Taking them off,
Allows me to sleep peacefully.
No more listening.

And when I do sleep,
I dream.
I dream about my school,
About everyone being deaf.

Then the phone alarm goes off.
It’s half past 6!
Time to go to school.

I get on the bus.
Then I hear something go “BEEP, BEEP…..BEEP, BEEP…..BEEP.”

It’s my hearing aids.

My batteries have run out AGAIN!!!

I get to school.
Time to listen.

I hate my hearing aids,
But I like them at the same time.
So I would never be anywhere…..
…..without them.

Loves, hates and dreams

I love, I love
Playing with my brother
I love I love
Wearing my hearing aids.
They make me hear better.

I love I love my family.
When I was a little girl,
I never took my hearing aids off.

I love I love
People telling me that I am a quiet girl.

I hate I hate
People shouting at me.
I hate I hate
My hearing aids going
Off on off on,
It makes me so annoyed.

I dream I dream
About playing with deaf children
And sometimes hearing children.
I dream I dream
About shopping with my family,
About going on holiday with my family.

When I grow, I grow,
I will love to be a teacher,
A teacher of deaf children.

I AM important!

My name is Mohamed
I like playing with my deaf friends.
I don;t line being deaf sometimes

I go to assembly.
I try my best to listen.
But it is too noisy
I feel un-important

When I was young
I threw my hearing aids.
I was so small
And so silly.

I like helping mum at home.
My sister is deaf.
Sometimes we sign together.

When children say,
“What’s that in your ear?
What’s that in your ear?”
I can’t take it any more.
So I tell them,
“Please don’t ask me that.
Bye Bye!”

Being Deaf

Be happy with my hearing aid
Enjoy playing with my friends
I like new hearing aids
Not good to have dirty ear moulds
Good to have sign language

Do good listening
Enjoy your new radio aid
A hearing aid helps you listen
Face a teacher when they talk

Being Deaf

Be happy I have a new hearing aid.
Every day I put on my hearing aid.
I can hear.
Never talk when walking around.
Good listening.

Don’t ignore.
Enjoy having new hearing aids.
A hearing aid is good.
Fed up when some people are calling out!

Being Deaf

Be happy with my hearing aid
Equipment fiddling is noisy
I don’t like putting on my hearing aid
Nice when people sign
Good in the unit

Don’t like it when my hearing aid whistles
End of the day I go home on the bus
Always put your hand up
Fed up when teachers talk a lot

Being Deaf

Be good at school.
End of the day I go home in a taxi.
I like being deaf.
Never throw a hearing aid.
Good in the unit because it’s nice in there.

Deaf children like to do work.
Every day you go in the unit.
Always stop fidgeting.
Fed up when the teacher keeps talking.

Deaf Life

As I’m deaf, it’s hard to listen,
They make me hold my head up high,
I’m sometimes bored and at times excited,
I hardly see deaf people,
I want to know their deaf life.

People who help, I feel thankful for helping us,
Teachers, audiologists and friends.
‘Things’ help but they aren’t things,
They are to help you.
We would be nowhere without them:
Hearing aids, batteries, radio aids, puffers.
Everyone really cares for us.


I like friend deaf with Sarah-Fay and Labake can sign.

I hate loud noises if the line is quiet I can hear the bell.

I like my cochlear but don’t like hearing aids.

Being Deaf

I like working with Mr Weston but I want to work with my class.
I don’t like maths but I do like P.E.

I like my deaf friend Beth.
I don’t like my hearing aids because they make a noise.


Dangerous if you break hearing aid.
Easy, I know how to turn on my hearing aid.
Always clean my hearing aid
Friends at school have difference colour hearing aids.

I like….

I like….

I feel happy.
I like hearing aids.
I like hospital because new hearing aids.
I like friends deaf.
I like signing.
I like school trip with deaf friends.
I like microphone.
I like singing and signing.
I like deaf nursery children.
I like hearing teacher.

I don’t like…

I don’t like people deaf.
I don’t like talking.
I don’t like loud.
I don’t like run because fall over.
I don’t like hearing aids not working.
I don’t like ear itching.

I like….

I like….

I like going hospital.
I like signing my favourite
I like people signing to me
I like my hearing aids because they help me hear better
I like doing maths at school
I like play eye spy in the taxi

I don’t like…..

I don’t like hearing aids because they noisy
I don’t like people copy me
I don’t like taking my hearing aid out
I don’t like quiet.

My Hearing Aids

When I listen to my teacher without my hearing aids
It feels strange in my sight
When I don’t have them in I feel lonely
But when I have them in I feel cheerful and happy.