New implant

New implant
I deaf
I like going to hospital
Because get exciting operation.
Get new implant
put implant on
I happy
Take implant off
I can’t hear!
I am deaf
I am deaf.
When I was little, in January 2003 I lost my hearing.
In 2007 I had an operation for cochlear so I can hear.
I had an injection for my implant inside my hand so I can sleep.
Then the doctor put the cochlear implant inside my head.
When I had my operation I felt scared because it hurt.
When I put on my implant I feel happy!
In the hospital it take so long and I was waiting because the doctor is always so late.
When I got my earmould it feel tickling in my ear.
In year 2 Miss Costa was teaching about cars,friction and I didn’t understand.
In the future I want to be doctor of medicine.
I am going to Hendon school.


Nadeem Islam
Yes, I am happy.
Yes, I am sad.
But what can I do?
People say I should be happy because I am deaf and I don’t have to pay for bus fee, or go on free trip.
People say I should be sad because I am deaf and I can’t hear, or I can’t speak.
Whoa, dude, they better be quiet, because I am not the reason for my emotions, they are. Playing with my life and making choices, what about they go away and do something good for their life, because I AM!
Look at me now, making poems and expressing myself. I am Nadeem Islam and this is me!
I am an actor, and high achieving person, don’t wanna brag but I am Nadeem Islam and this is who I am!
So if you wanna say something, keep it to yourself. You don’t wanna release me because I am like raging bull. So watch out for Nadeem Islam!
La Toya

La Toya stayed with her auntie

When she was just about one year old.

That night, when she slept

Her auntie switched the light off…

La Toya started to scream.

She wanted to keep her eyes open.

 La Toya’s Auntie switched the light on …

La Toya stopped crying.

La Toya’s auntie knew there was something wrong with her

She had a good idea …

She picked up some pans and made a noise


Auntie said something wrong

La Toya was born profoundly deaf.

La Toya doesn’t mind she is deaf!

She loves sign language.

She is never embarrassed when she signs in public.

She is the only deaf person in her family.

She is very outgoing,

She gets very excited and she is always a happy girl!


Her dream is to become an actress

And to have my own performance company.

Deaf people are not the same as hearing

Deaf people are not the same as each other

They are very different.

Signing, lip-reading, BSL, SSE and spoken English.

Deaf people have lots of differences like hearing people.

Loud, quiet, funny, down to earth and loyal

In the world, there are lots of different people

Disabled, deaf, different accents, different languages

Whatever they are

It is natural!!

Mr Bean

I have cochlear implant
Because I deaf.
I take implant off.
I can’t hear.
Mum shouts.
I can hear.
I like Mr. Bean.
He can’t hear.
He is funny.
I am deaf.
I am happy deaf.
I don’t like signing.
I like talking.
I can talk.

Being Deaf

When I was little,
First I had hearing aids.
Then I got a cochlear Implant.
I feel excited,
Because I got both now.

I help my family.
My family are very kind
I feel very happy.

When people ask me
“Why are you deaf?”
I feel sad and shy.

People ask me
“What is that thing in your ear?”
I feel lonely and worried.

When my mum
Talks to me
I can understand.
I feel calm