No Friends

No Friends
This is a scary place without friends,
Everyone needs friends to be together.
Think of scary basement which is
Dark and damp without friends.
Being only child;
Would be bored, lonely not fun
And little jealous.
This is no fun without friends.
Everyone needs love, laugh, life.
Don’t feel alone or
Think about people hate you.
Like bush of red roses look exactly same
But… you look different, you are black rose
Don’t be afraid or shy
Go fly with other birds;
You have friends with you
Friends stay together
Friends are like sisters/brothers
Like a tree with apples.
Friends always there for you
I don’t need to worry
I don’t need to worry
Sometimes I don’t know
Sometimes I do know
If I am saying the right word
I don’t need to worry
I can use BSL
I can use my hands
For spellings or sign
I don’t need to worry
I can speak anytime
I can move my hand and mouth
At the same time
I don’t need to worry
If my friends are deaf
I can sign
If my friend are hearing
I can speak
I don’t need to worry
I can speak and sign
Without learning lines
It opened my world
I don’t need to worry
Just like you


I was born deaf and I couldn’t hear ……………ANYTHING.

Sometimes my deaf friends can speak very well, even if they have other illnesses or disabilities


All the deaf children still think ‘Why don’t hearing children ever talk to them?’


I hate being deaf – some deaf students want to be hearing.

They try to speak so hard,

Sometimes they are quiet or noisy or popular and make a friend.

Sometimes one of our friends makes us laugh and tells a funny joke.

Some deaf students think their deaf friends are so sad,

Sad and lonely and upset.


But hearing students are happy to learn to sign and voice off.


Then we are so smiley and happy,

Just like you.




“What’s it like to be deaf?”


My first day at school

Everyone picked on me

But one girl said it’s stupid to call

A deaf person names

She became my friend and asked

“What’s it like to be deaf?”


Being deaf is cool and not cool

It’s sometimes hard being deaf

But my best friend ever Steph

Was always there for me

Lot’s of other children came and asked me

“How did you become deaf?”


I don’t know how I became deaf

But what I do know is that I was born like it

I learnt things from my mum and dad.

One day I met a boy who I never knew.  He asked

“How could you be deaf?”


Being deaf is not my fault but it’s good in some ways

I don’t know why.  I think it’s because you get treated better

By the time I was eight, me and Steph could go out

Playing together, she asked

“How’s life at home when you’re deaf?”

At home, it’s not so hard because

I have four deaf people in my house

And three hearing.

If I get angry, I always go to Steph because

She helps me with everything.  She asks

“Do you have a sister who can help?”


I didn’t know I had a sister ‘til I was ten.

That was when I was bridesmaid at her wedding.

At the age of twelve, I knew her more

And she started helping me and asked

“Are you being bullied?”


Things got better with the bullying

And I made loads of new friends.

Sometimes I wonder if Steph’s ok

And if she’s still my friend

And if she’s going to ask again

“What’s it like being deaf?”





Being deaf is difficult for me

Because during the night time when I go to bed

It is very eerily silent when I put my

Hearing aid on my desk


Every day I got stressed and angry

While I tried to lip-read and tried to understand

Hearing people who couldn’t sign

And never had Deaf awareness


Every night I cried because I was alone in my hearing family

They usually forgot me and chatting away

They left me in unknown darkness


I felt like I didn’t hear

Any danger

Creep closer to me


I never knew what was happening

I never knew


Luckily I have deaf and hearing friends

Who are always there for me

Supporting me


I soon realised that my own family

Would really support me

Even though I didn’t know that


They care about me even though I didn’t know that

They love me even though I didn’t know that

But still I feel lonely in the dark room

With deafness


It is impossible for me to change that

So that’s what I am

No one can change that

It is not possible to change that

Not even my family or my greatest friends

Because that is what I am

That is what I was born with

Something no one in the world can change

Things that make me who I am

I am deaf but that’s not all.
I love listening to music
And being with friends.

I feel sometimes that people stare,
But that’s not all me,
I have so much more.

In the spring
I love to see each flower grow.

In the summer
I like to sunbathe
And watch the clouds go by overhead.

In the autumn
I love the way the leaves sound under my feet.

In the winter
I love the way big snowflakes fall down
And make the ground all white and sugary.

So if people don’t like what they see
They should just get on with it
Because I am me.

Super Deaf Friends

They are good deaf friends,
They are cool deaf friends,
They are super super cool.

When I’m sad
My super deaf friends,
Are always there for me.

We are going to super super sign.
There is someone waving at super me.
I got super super cool deaf friends.

We aren’t fools,
We are super super deaf friends,
We are superheroes.

Hearing is fantastic deaf is too hard

If your birthday coming up
Then make your birthday wish come true
I want to become hearing
In the future
I wish everything is normal
But back in the day
I become deaf again

Sound sounds like annoying
When I take off hearing aid
Hearing aid whistle
That’s why I don’t want to become deaf again

I wish I could become hearing
Get more friend
Like 1000 friend

The future
I will get wife hearing
Hearing baby
Have a good time in future
Great laugh
No trouble
No bad news
Just happy life
That’s all

The Feelings Of A Deaf Person

Being deaf feels like natural to me
I am very confident even thought I am deaf
All my family are proud that
I have made the most of my deafness

Being deaf is hard work
But would I change it???
I really don’t know as
I do not know any different!!!

Every day I try not to get stressed and angry
While I tried to understand what they said
But it difficult for me
Because if someone talks to me very fast
It makes me confused and do not understand

Every night sometimes I’m scared
Because I feel like someone come closer to me
Like creeping like the floorboards are moving

Sometimes I feel strange
Because I feel so very different
Especially when around my hearing friends

Family and friends are important
To everyone and they are very proud of me
They care about me
I love being with my family and friends

Being Deaf!!

Being deaf is BRILLANT! I am proud to be deaf!
Excited to communicate with my friends,
In sign language.
No deaf person is stupid they just can’t hear well.
Go and learn sign language so you can talk to deaf people.

Deaf is fun and freedom
Everyone talks using sign language,
Also lipreading.
Find out how many deaf people there are in whole world!

I Love Being Deaf, Sporty and Active

I’m deaf.
I like playing sports but I don’t like writing.
But what is so good?
I do hockey and rugby and football.
I love playing sports.

I love being deaf.
I love all things like sports.
I love playing with my little brother, Ted,
But he is not deaf.
Ted likes all sports like me.

I’m deaf.
I love going out with my mates to town.
I play for football team and rugby and hockey team.
I want to make new friends like you.
Hearing and deaf friends.

Why Half Deaf

Why half deaf?
What happened to me?
Did I do something at all?
Did I fall out of a tree?

What happened to me?
Did I just grow up like this?
Or was I a baby and became deaf?

I find it hard being half deaf
Is it just me or are there people watching me?

I see other people that are deaf.
I wonder what it is like for them to be deaf.

And I tell myself deaf does not bother me
Because I have a good life,
Family and friends to support me
And they are watching over me.

So half deaf does not bother me.
My name is Dylan Rixon.
I’m proud of my life.
So what, deal with it!

How I Feel Being Deaf?

I was born completely different from my family,
The only one who’s deaf.
Sometimes it makes me feel strange:
“Why I am the only one who’s deaf”,

Now being with my friends makes me feel happy,
I am not the only one who’s deaf.
I have lots of hearing friends and deaf friend too.
It makes me no different what other people say.

Now it makes no different
Whether I’m deaf or hearing.
I am treated the same way the other people do.

It’s alright being deaf

It’s alright being deaf
It’s quite fun to sign
Let’s you speak to deaf people
Everything is fine!

My mum is half deaf
My dad is half blind
Sometimes he can see
But it is all day long in my mind

One of my sisters is a little bit deaf
The other two are not the same
Sometimes I feel left out abandoned
It’s all turning out to be a big game

Some of my friends are hearing
It’s easy to speak to them
Speaking is easier than signing for me
But I need to say it again

Deaf feeling

Deaf people is powerful
Enormous brain and strong heart
Amazing gift from them
Fast, strong, smart is deaf
Deaf can be smart than hearing

Radio aid and batteries make me angry
Changing volumes and pump the tube keep me mad
Don’t be mad and sad – frustrated
You still got power in your ear
Strong brain got full of memory in the brain
Being deaf is different from hearing people
Stop bully deaf people
Stop giving bad thing to deaf people
Stop making fun of deaf people
Stop making deaf people become bully
Hearing and deaf are friend
Good friend

I happy to be deaf
My mum happy
My sister happy
My friend happy

Deaf Poem

When I was born, my sister teach me BSL
I grew to be proud but feel scared.
People might bully me and I won’t understand people talking.
I am bit sad because people will speak fast.
I am bit happy because I will get new friend.
I am bit stress because I have to change my hearing aid batteries.
I am bit lucky to get CSW and Social Worker.
I got too many feelings from being deaf!
But I’m still proud to be deaf.
Still powerful,
Still happy.
My family always there for me, also friends, to help me.
I not scared,
I not sad,
I not stress,

How I feelings about being deaf?

My feelings uncomfortable
To always go to the hospital.
Because of lots of checks and machine
I don’t like the noise.

I always love quiet
With cochlear implant off
But my parents always nag nag nag
Put cochlear implant on.
Made my feelings fed up.

But it good that I have lots of deaf friends.
I like that I can sign with my deaf friend
And hearing friend who can sign.

My Dreams

I dream about hearing my friends talking,
I dream about playing with my cousins,
Jumping on the bed.
And when they talk I can hear.
But I am deaf.
I wake up
Put on my implant.
I am not dreaming.
I am deaf.
I am clever girl.
I speak English and Bengali.
I can sign with my brother.
I can speak a little bit Indian.
But I want hear.
I don’t like being deaf.
A new girl talked to me.
She said ‘Hello’
But I was shy.
New girl wanted be friends.
Now she is my friend.
I have hearing friends.
I have deaf friends.
I am lucky.

My implant!

I go to school
I play with my deaf friends
I can’t understand speaking

In my house I play with no body
Only my sister is my friend

When I grow up
I want to be a policeman
I want to be a deaf policeman
I see lights go “wo, wo, wo, wo!!”

I love my implant
It very loud
I can hear

I like being deaf
With my implant on

When implant off
I don’t like it

My Deaf Life

I am Deaf,
My family have helped me
Along the days,
the months and the years.

I have friends!
Deaf and hearing friends.
Sometimes I can hear my hearing friends.
But I don’t care if I can hear them.

When I grow up
I want to be an astronaut.
What about it?
The first deaf astronaut!!

I want to show the world
What deaf people
Are capable of.

I want to give
deaf people a chance

Life and Deaf

I have been deaf
From the beginning of my life.
I have a little box
Full of old hearing aids.

It’s great being deaf.
But sometimes I get really angry!!!
I shove my hearing aids
Across the floor
Because they go
Beep, beep, beep!
It can be so ANNOYING!

And when some people talk
I don’t understand them.
They talk to fast
Like they’re saying
Roaring like a car
It’s like I am in another world.

But it’s ok!
My family and friends
Know me.
They talk slow.

My friends and family are special
Because they make me feel

I like deaf

I born deaf full
I like deaf because it is quiet at home, implant off
Everyday implant on at school, noisy
I don’t like to hear lots of talking,
I am fantastic at sports,
I like all sports
Being deaf is easy
When noisy, I can take my implant off then its quiet.
I have deaf and hearing friends
I like joking with my deaf friends.

My deaf poem

I am deaf
I like wearing my implant
I look so cool
My implant helps me
to hear everything
I don’t like it when children
talk about my implant
I play with deaf friends, and hearing
Deaf friends are better
They can understand me
When I went sleep
I dreamed about growing up
I want to be a footballer
I want win lots of cups