About being deaf

About being deaf
I am deaf.
I am fed up being deaf.
My implant keeps not working.
It went like that “beep, beep, beep and beep” then stop!
I like being deaf because my family always calling my name.
It’s awesome to hear.
In the morning I wake up.
Then I get dressed and the taxi came.
When I get to taxi my implant is run out.
I feel upset because the battery is not charged.
I feel brilliant about being deaf!
When I put implant on, then I put special lead on mp3.
It’s just superb to hear music!!
Deaf’s Future Being Happy


I am in the park.

Its lots of teenage people.

I haven’t seen my sister for long time,

“Oh you’re deaf!” said my sister.

I am feeling unhappy.

My sister ran off.


I feel uneasy to communicate with unknown people,

But I enjoy communication with my family.

My family use sign language. 

I feel can talk any time with my family.

I feel comfortable.


I want like to have nice new friends

But they couldn’t sign.

I heard about a deaf boy teach his friends to sign.

I think I can possibly teach my friends.

I feel proud.

Can’t hear, Can hear and feel


If I were hearing, I would be happy, I would be a part group.

Don’t need to  look back because I can hear everything.

If I were deaf, I would not be happy but sometimes I would be happy because I got deaf friends.

My family are hearing and can’t sign.

My mum can sign.

My brother can sign a bit.

My dad can’t sign at all.




Welcome to My World.

I am so proud that I was born DEAF.









I love deaf


I was born different from my family.

I’m the only one who’s deaf.

Sometimes I felt isolated,

But my family tried their best

I discover my identity and made lots of deaf friends

I love being deaf, I love sign.

I can communicate. No matter who I am

I don’t care if I was hearing

I was born to be deaf!


I try to communicate with the hearing but communication breaks down,

I feel getting lost like keys that can’t be found.

I don’t want to feel embarrassed and look stupid.

But my mind goes BAM! And I realise I shouldn’t feel embarrassed and look  stupid.

That’s because I am proud to be part of the deaf community!  



About my deaf life


My mum is deaf,

My sister is hearing and my brother is hearing,

Deaf world is very wonderful!

I enjoy to being Deaf because I can use Facial Expressions so I will know that someone feels,

I can easily communicate with the Deaf people and family,

I can communicate with Deaf friends with BSL


Sometimes I am sad because I can’t communicate with hearing people so I must bring a CSW or write down paper,

Sometimes it is difficult to go on a trip on my own so I hate that when go to holiday by myself,

Sometimes when I watch TV and TV don’t have subtitles so I don’t know what they saying

I wish I am hearing and sign so I can join both deaf world and hearing world.



After the argument

Anger, hatred, fear and pain.

Hating our parents so much for forgetting we are deaf,

There’s too much anger inside me, too much pain.

I hate everyone; I hate them so much for staring at us,

For treating us differently,

For thinking we are stupid and dumb

We need help.


Anger, hatred, fear and pain

The fear of getting usher

People stare at us as if we came from another planet or out of nowhere.


Constantly being depressed,

Constantly feeling the pain,

Nothing feels the same

Everything is different.

I’d rather be with my deaf friends

Than my family.

Sometimes we try to commit suicide,

We find it so hard.


Sometimes I feel like I can’t accept who I am.

I don’t even know who I am anymore

We want all our feelings to disappear

I don’t know my own family anymore

I don’t know who my mum is

I don’t know who my dad is

I don’t even know my own sisters.

Our sisters hurts our feelings too much

We don’t belong,

We belong with the deaf

It’s our special community


Everyday at school feels like the first day

Of school

Like some déjà vu.

I wanna claw my own hair out

I wanna wrench my arms off

I wanna slit and strike myself

I wanna get out of here


How can I vanish my feelings?


I will not, we will not, all of us will not

Let them treat us differently

We will stop it

No matter what,

They will not get away with it


Of all the stress, the anger, the hatred, the pain and the fear.


Will they ever understand us?

I believe no one will understand us


Help me.

Help us.


Being deaf is difficult for me

Because during the night time when I go to bed

It is very eerily silent when I put my

Hearing aid on my desk


Every day I got stressed and angry

While I tried to lip-read and tried to understand

Hearing people who couldn’t sign

And never had Deaf awareness


Every night I cried because I was alone in my hearing family

They usually forgot me and chatting away

They left me in unknown darkness


I felt like I didn’t hear

Any danger

Creep closer to me


I never knew what was happening

I never knew


Luckily I have deaf and hearing friends

Who are always there for me

Supporting me


I soon realised that my own family

Would really support me

Even though I didn’t know that


They care about me even though I didn’t know that

They love me even though I didn’t know that

But still I feel lonely in the dark room

With deafness


It is impossible for me to change that

So that’s what I am

No one can change that

It is not possible to change that

Not even my family or my greatest friends

Because that is what I am

That is what I was born with

Something no one in the world can change

The Feelings Of A Deaf Person

Being deaf feels like natural to me
I am very confident even thought I am deaf
All my family are proud that
I have made the most of my deafness

Being deaf is hard work
But would I change it???
I really don’t know as
I do not know any different!!!

Every day I try not to get stressed and angry
While I tried to understand what they said
But it difficult for me
Because if someone talks to me very fast
It makes me confused and do not understand

Every night sometimes I’m scared
Because I feel like someone come closer to me
Like creeping like the floorboards are moving

Sometimes I feel strange
Because I feel so very different
Especially when around my hearing friends

Family and friends are important
To everyone and they are very proud of me
They care about me
I love being with my family and friends

Why Half Deaf

Why half deaf?
What happened to me?
Did I do something at all?
Did I fall out of a tree?

What happened to me?
Did I just grow up like this?
Or was I a baby and became deaf?

I find it hard being half deaf
Is it just me or are there people watching me?

I see other people that are deaf.
I wonder what it is like for them to be deaf.

And I tell myself deaf does not bother me
Because I have a good life,
Family and friends to support me
And they are watching over me.

So half deaf does not bother me.
My name is Dylan Rixon.
I’m proud of my life.
So what, deal with it!

Only one

Only one who is deaf in my family
But more deaf in my left ear
There is nothing I can do
I became deaf when I was nearly two

I am 13 years old
I’ve had an operation, there was no complication from a cochlear implant
There is nothing I can do
It was for my left ear
When I got my cochlear implant, I could hear

I Have been going to lots of hospital appointment
Which is really annoying
There is nothing I can do
My mum and dad need to see the doctor, mne too

I can hear better with my cochlear implant
Much more better
There is nothing I can do
I have always cover my cochlear implant with my hair
I don’t care

There is nothing I can do!

How I Feel Being Deaf?

I was born completely different from my family,
The only one who’s deaf.
Sometimes it makes me feel strange:
“Why I am the only one who’s deaf”,

Now being with my friends makes me feel happy,
I am not the only one who’s deaf.
I have lots of hearing friends and deaf friend too.
It makes me no different what other people say.

Now it makes no different
Whether I’m deaf or hearing.
I am treated the same way the other people do.

Deaf Poem

When I was born, my sister teach me BSL
I grew to be proud but feel scared.
People might bully me and I won’t understand people talking.
I am bit sad because people will speak fast.
I am bit happy because I will get new friend.
I am bit stress because I have to change my hearing aid batteries.
I am bit lucky to get CSW and Social Worker.
I got too many feelings from being deaf!
But I’m still proud to be deaf.
Still powerful,
Still happy.
My family always there for me, also friends, to help me.
I not scared,
I not sad,
I not stress,

I AM……….

I am quiet,
I don’t chat that much
Don’t know why.

I am lonely,
In the future you never know
May have more friends or not.

I am special,
Was born early and very tiny.
Not I am big and tall.

I am sporty,
I like netball, tennis and swimming.
My family think I am a fast runner.

I am a hearing aid user.
It’s not so bad…
if I’m not the only one.

I’m clever,
I can lip-read and
listen carefully.



My name Verônica
I AM deaf
I don’t like deaf because boring sign
I have hearing aids
When get bath hearing aids off
When off, inside ear wet
Fed up

I want being hearing but can’t!

When Mum ask me
With no sign
I say “What?”
Mum say “Never mind!”
I said “I AM deaf”
Mum said “I can’t sign, sorry!”
I feel lonely
I don’t know what my brother said
Come on in whole world
People need learn sign
Come on family
You need learn sign

My Deaf Life

I am Deaf,
My family have helped me
Along the days,
the months and the years.

I have friends!
Deaf and hearing friends.
Sometimes I can hear my hearing friends.
But I don’t care if I can hear them.

When I grow up
I want to be an astronaut.
What about it?
The first deaf astronaut!!

I want to show the world
What deaf people
Are capable of.

I want to give
deaf people a chance

Being Deaf

When I was little,
First I had hearing aids.
Then I got a cochlear Implant.
I feel excited,
Because I got both now.

I help my family.
My family are very kind
I feel very happy.

When people ask me
“Why are you deaf?”
I feel sad and shy.

People ask me
“What is that thing in your ear?”
I feel lonely and worried.

When my mum
Talks to me
I can understand.
I feel calm

Life and Deaf

I have been deaf
From the beginning of my life.
I have a little box
Full of old hearing aids.

It’s great being deaf.
But sometimes I get really angry!!!
I shove my hearing aids
Across the floor
Because they go
Beep, beep, beep!
It can be so ANNOYING!

And when some people talk
I don’t understand them.
They talk to fast
Like they’re saying
Roaring like a car
It’s like I am in another world.

But it’s ok!
My family and friends
Know me.
They talk slow.

My friends and family are special
Because they make me feel

Loves, hates and dreams

I love, I love
Playing with my brother
I love I love
Wearing my hearing aids.
They make me hear better.

I love I love my family.
When I was a little girl,
I never took my hearing aids off.

I love I love
People telling me that I am a quiet girl.

I hate I hate
People shouting at me.
I hate I hate
My hearing aids going
Off on off on,
It makes me so annoyed.

I dream I dream
About playing with deaf children
And sometimes hearing children.
I dream I dream
About shopping with my family,
About going on holiday with my family.

When I grow, I grow,
I will love to be a teacher,
A teacher of deaf children.