Being Deaf

Being Deaf
Being Deaf
No One like Being Deaf, it difficult for being deaf
you can’t change
Implant helps you hearing
your life are normal as everyone
everything is you can do it
Never Give Up
Impossible is Nothing
My Life and being Deaf is great
And your Should be Great too!!!


New implant
I deaf
I like going to hospital
Because get exciting operation.
Get new implant
put implant on
I happy
Take implant off
I can’t hear!
I couldn’t hear a sound
I am deaf: When I was little I couldn’t hear a sound.
I am deaf: When it was my first time in school I was shy and frightened.
I am deaf: When my grandad talked to me and I couldn’t hear a word and what??? I couldn’t hear him!
I am deaf: I get fed up when my implant is not working when like when I’m watching movie or winning a game.
I am deaf: I like my implant because I can hear people or my family.
I am deaf: I fell awesome, cool and famous because everybody staring at me and saying wow I want to be deaf!
I am deaf: I feel relaxed and chilled because when it’s so busy and take my implant off can’t hear so it’s peaceful.
I am deaf: In future I want to be a graphic designer and design a game or I want to be a footballer.
Being deaf
Being deaf
I like being deaf but it can be annoying.
And my battery keeps running out at bad times.
My implant is helpful because I can hear with it.
Day after day people ask me about my implant.
Every time I struggle to hear people when it’s loud in the background.
At night I like it because I can sleep without hearing anything.
Friends are nice to me despite me being deaf.
Most of the time I like being deaf.
I remember being at the hospital sitting on the bed with a bandage around my head.
A few years ago I went to a fair for deaf people.
I remember being in a film about being deaf and it made me feel famous.
I am deaf
It is amazing being deaf
Because I can hear people with my implant.
When I go sleep then I very calm.
Sometime it is rubbish
When my implant go off and on.
When I was little
I went to hearing aid hospital
Then the man put hearing aid in my ear.
After I was happy
Then I can hear at people.
I am deaf
I am deaf.
When I was little, in January 2003 I lost my hearing.
In 2007 I had an operation for cochlear so I can hear.
I had an injection for my implant inside my hand so I can sleep.
Then the doctor put the cochlear implant inside my head.
When I had my operation I felt scared because it hurt.
When I put on my implant I feel happy!
In the hospital it take so long and I was waiting because the doctor is always so late.
When I got my earmould it feel tickling in my ear.
In year 2 Miss Costa was teaching about cars,friction and I didn’t understand.
In the future I want to be doctor of medicine.
I am going to Hendon school.


Morning chaos

My morning chaos begins,
Sunlight filters through my pale silk curtains
And flows through my soft sleepy eyelids.

I lie in silence.
Downstairs I know the kettle boils,
The dogs are barking and drawers are clashing.
But I don’t hear…

I lie in silence.
Outside I know cars are driving past,
Lawnmowers hum and neighbours chat.
But I still don’t hear…

I stretch.
I stretch out my arm and feel…
I feel the box and open it.
But I still don’t hear…

My favourite pink accessory.
I wear it everyday,
School don’t mind!
But I still don’t hear…

My lifeline.
I switch it on
And place it on my head.
Now I hear!

Everything comes alive,
Taps run, footsteps run.
Mum shouts,” Taxi’s here!”
She blows me a kiss,
I still hear!

Ready for the day ahead.
A day of listening
And learning.
My cochlear implant
Helps me hear!

Being Deaf

Be born deaf

Everyday I put on my cochlear implant

I had to go to hospital and I had an operation

Now I feel better and I can hear a bit

Grown up I can hear


Did you hear? I can hear now

English, Vietnamese and sign language

Always put on my cochlear implant

Feel relaxed and I have good fun

‘My smiley life’

I was born in 1998
I could hear a little bit
When I was 2 or 3 years old
I was very ill
I became deaf … profoundly deaf
I had an operation
With my cochlear implant on
I can hear you … I’m happy
With my cochlear implant on
I can hear you
I can read your lips
With my cochlear implant off
I can’t hear
Fast talking goes over my head
I LOVE jokes! Here is the zoo joke…

Only one

Only one who is deaf in my family
But more deaf in my left ear
There is nothing I can do
I became deaf when I was nearly two

I am 13 years old
I’ve had an operation, there was no complication from a cochlear implant
There is nothing I can do
It was for my left ear
When I got my cochlear implant, I could hear

I Have been going to lots of hospital appointment
Which is really annoying
There is nothing I can do
My mum and dad need to see the doctor, mne too

I can hear better with my cochlear implant
Much more better
There is nothing I can do
I have always cover my cochlear implant with my hair
I don’t care

There is nothing I can do!

How I feelings about being deaf?

My feelings uncomfortable
To always go to the hospital.
Because of lots of checks and machine
I don’t like the noise.

I always love quiet
With cochlear implant off
But my parents always nag nag nag
Put cochlear implant on.
Made my feelings fed up.

But it good that I have lots of deaf friends.
I like that I can sign with my deaf friend
And hearing friend who can sign.

My Dreams

I dream about hearing my friends talking,
I dream about playing with my cousins,
Jumping on the bed.
And when they talk I can hear.
But I am deaf.
I wake up
Put on my implant.
I am not dreaming.
I am deaf.
I am clever girl.
I speak English and Bengali.
I can sign with my brother.
I can speak a little bit Indian.
But I want hear.
I don’t like being deaf.
A new girl talked to me.
She said ‘Hello’
But I was shy.
New girl wanted be friends.
Now she is my friend.
I have hearing friends.
I have deaf friends.
I am lucky.

Mr Bean

I have cochlear implant
Because I deaf.
I take implant off.
I can’t hear.
Mum shouts.
I can hear.
I like Mr. Bean.
He can’t hear.
He is funny.
I am deaf.
I am happy deaf.
I don’t like signing.
I like talking.
I can talk.

I am deaf

I like deaf
I am excited
about my new school
I lean about writing

I can write
I play football
with my friends

In assembly
can’t hear
In classroom
can hear
Sometimes people shouting
I take off implant
Then I sad and quiet

When I put implant on
I am happy

What I like

I like watching rugby
with my dad
I can hear people cheering
I feel happy
Because I like it!!!
I like implants
because I can hear better
I don’t like it
when my implants get lost
I feel upset
I like it
when my mum finds them
I feel calm then
When I was little
I had my first implant
Later I had my second implant
I can hear loud
I like my 2 implants
I like plating with deaf children
We have fun together I like watching rugby
with my dad
I can hear people cheering
I feel happy
Because I like it!!!
I like implants
because I can hear better
I don’t like it
when my implants get lost
I feel upset
I like it
when my mum finds them
I feel calm then
When I was little
I had my first implant
Later I had my second implant
I can hear loud
I like my 2 implants
I like plating with deaf children
We have fun together

I am Deaf!

I am Deaf
I’ve got one implant
When I got my implant
It was great!!
I could hear everyone

When I was little I had hearing aids
I didn’t like it
I kept on taling them off

My sisters stay at home
My mum teaches them
But I go to school
to find deaf children

I don’t like it
when my batteries run out
I don’t like it when
Children say,
“What’s that in your ear?”

I like it when I go swimming
I can’t hear anything
but my family sign for me
and I know what they mean

Soon I’ll get another implant
I feel excited
I will hear cars going both ways

I will be safe…

My implant!

I go to school
I play with my deaf friends
I can’t understand speaking

In my house I play with no body
Only my sister is my friend

When I grow up
I want to be a policeman
I want to be a deaf policeman
I see lights go “wo, wo, wo, wo!!”

I love my implant
It very loud
I can hear

I like being deaf
With my implant on

When implant off
I don’t like it

I am deaf

I am Kyon
I am Deaf
I like my implant
Because I can hear.

Sometimes I don’t like my implant.
People shout too loud.
I take it off.
When they stop
I put it back on.

Some children say,
“What’s that in your ear?
Is it a phone?”
I say, “NO! And I don’t
That gets on my nerves.
Makes me cross.

I go swimming
With my mum.
I can’t hear anything underwater.

I go to the park.
I go to my mum’s friend’s house.

Sometimes when my mum talks
To my sister I say,
“What mum?”
And she says it again.

I LOVE being deaf.
I am different.
I love being different.

Prefer Cochlear-Implant

I like my Hearing-aid but prefer my Cochlear Implant.

I like crisps but prefer chocolate.

I like sunny but didn’t like cold.

I like drink water but prefer orange.

I like sleep but prefer wake up.

I feel pleased with sign and speech.

I find sign easy for me but I like speech because it helps me understand what people say.

I like life best with Sign and speech.

I am deaf

My name is Kabir.
I am deaf.
I go to sleep.
I dreaming.
The man very terrible.
The man broke my implant.
I sad.
I wake up. Mum, Mum, cuddle me.
I love implant.
I can hear.

Bus Driver

I have 2 implants.
I am deaf.
When I take my implants off
I feel scared of the shadows.
When I put my implants on
I feel happy.
I can hear really loud
I can hear birds chirping.
I hear children outside.
I hear shouting.
I don’t like people shouting.
It makes me a headache.
Then I cry and run away.
I love watching rugby with my dad.
I help my mum do cooking.
I play with my sister.
When I grow up
I will drive a big red bus.

My implant

I go deaf school because I see deaf friends
Last week I had operation.
I have implant operation.
I like my cochlear implant because I will hear with implant.
I dream about my implant.
I hear more and more.
I like my hearing aids off.
I can be quiet.
I don’t like going shopping
The people make a noise.
Talking, talking, talking.
I want my implant switched on.
Then everything be louder.
I am excited.

I like deaf

I born deaf full
I like deaf because it is quiet at home, implant off
Everyday implant on at school, noisy
I don’t like to hear lots of talking,
I am fantastic at sports,
I like all sports
Being deaf is easy
When noisy, I can take my implant off then its quiet.
I have deaf and hearing friends
I like joking with my deaf friends.

My deaf poem

I am deaf
I like wearing my implant
I look so cool
My implant helps me
to hear everything
I don’t like it when children
talk about my implant
I play with deaf friends, and hearing
Deaf friends are better
They can understand me
When I went sleep
I dreamed about growing up
I want to be a footballer
I want win lots of cups

Being Deaf

Be kind to other deaf children
Everyday I like to play on the scooter
In the class I like to play games
Nice to have fun
Good to have lots of friends

Do not walk away when you talk
Enjoy it when class is quiet
Always like cochlear implant, when that’s loud I can hear
Face a deaf child

Cochlear Implant

Ok if someone talk near me.
Clinic, I go there because the clinic test my batteries.
Hard to see everyone lip when someone was behind me.
Learn to sign.
Easy to Lip read.
A cochlear implant is big.
Radio aid is for me so I can hear now.

I like deaf Club.
Mrs Harrison in HIU she work with me.
People’s faces tell me serious or if they are making a joke.
Listening is hard for me.
All my friends in the HIU are deaf.
Need batteries for cochlear implant.
Transmitter send the sound to the cochlear implant

I like….

I like….

I like my cochlear implant it make me hear.
I like going hospital because I do listen.
I like signing to my deaf friends.
I like the deaf nursery children.

I don’t like….

I don’t like it to be loud.
I don’t like people touching my cochlear implant.
I don’t like it to be flashing .
I don’t like people shouting at me.