I don’t need to worry

I don’t need to worry
I don’t need to worry
Sometimes I don’t know
Sometimes I do know
If I am saying the right word
I don’t need to worry
I can use BSL
I can use my hands
For spellings or sign
I don’t need to worry
I can speak anytime
I can move my hand and mouth
At the same time
I don’t need to worry
If my friends are deaf
I can sign
If my friend are hearing
I can speak
I don’t need to worry
I can speak and sign
Without learning lines
It opened my world
I don’t need to worry
Being deaf


I love BSL because it’s easy for me.

I love BSL because it helps me understand.

I love BSL because I don’t have to use my voice.

I love BSL because I can communicate with my deaf friends.

I love being deaf because it means PEACE & QUIET!



How to communicate with Deaf students
Deaf is sometimes hard with using sign language & communication is confused if they were using sign so fast.
Sometime I am so confused with sign language BSL & SSE.
Deaf is great & fun.
Some deaf students who can’t sign is trying to catch up what they were saying & watch Deaf student.
Lipsreading sometime it hard for Deaf students when some Deaf students want to learn how to get involved with sign language with Deaf people
Now I am happy to learn sign language with Level 2 to communicate with Deaf student.


BSL is my Style


Make my own style
My own language
BSL is my style
All my style is best!
BSL … best style!

All the BSL words are comfortable
When I see something I know I get it!
BSL is my style

People like BSL nouns and verbs
Using different BSL signs with the same words
BSL is my style

I know slang words from English
I know the English slang for rude,
Offensive and insulting … p o x y!
Always fingerspell to others
BSL is my style

I am knowledgeable about sign language
I know the BSL slang for bluffing … f e t c h!
Always using sign language to others
BSL is my style

I am very interested in sign language
With slang English / BSL words
BSL is my style

All hearing people are very interested in
Joining the sign language club
BSL is still my style forever

You know BSL style is best!!



Sign Language

Oi! Hearing people

Things you don’t know

1. BSL uses facial expressions, not acting.

This is my meaning.

2. Important point – the pointy finger is important

This is my meaning.

3. Deaf people have sign names. Fingerspelling is soooo boring – use our sign names, make it interesting

Involve us
Persuade us to chat with you
And be happy
And party.

4. Hearing people use their hands to show numbers but they use the wrong signs

5. It’s hard for us to to read you, yeah, deaf are better than you hearing

But when you’re fast
Or too slow
At a party
Or when you’re teaching
We can’t understand.
This makes us sad, it’s terrible

6. We need to use clear lip patterns

Did you know that the signs for wasp and bee are the same
So are calm and behaviour
Because, why and reason
Possible and can
Lip patterns make our meaning clear
My meaning can change with
And size
And repeating
But not too fast IF you’re fingerspelling for me

Do you get my meaning?

Deaf Poem

When I was born, my sister teach me BSL
I grew to be proud but feel scared.
People might bully me and I won’t understand people talking.
I am bit sad because people will speak fast.
I am bit happy because I will get new friend.
I am bit stress because I have to change my hearing aid batteries.
I am bit lucky to get CSW and Social Worker.
I got too many feelings from being deaf!
But I’m still proud to be deaf.
Still powerful,
Still happy.
My family always there for me, also friends, to help me.
I not scared,
I not sad,
I not stress,

Communicating with our hands
Hi! My name is James.
I am full deaf and half hearing
profoundly deaf on my right
and half deaf on my left.
My mum is a bit full deaf.
My dad is profoundly deaf
when you can’t hear nothing
like your hearing just went gone.
All you hear is nothing.
My brother is hearing.
He hears everything.
He answers the phone!
He answers the door!
It feels ok being deaf and I like being deaf.
Hearing aid really helps me hear.
I can hear more than my mum and dad.
My family use BSL.
if they don’t understand they just ask me
I sign it to them
I just talk for them.
I sign for my mum and dad when they really need help.
A bit proud and a bit embarrassed
when other people start to look.
They be thinking how can they communicate with their hands?
At home I sign
at school I speak.
I can hear what everybody’s saying
but not everything.
If I don’t really get ‘em
I get my friends to help me
or I just come up close