The day I was deaf

The day I was deaf

The day I was born
I couldn’t hear at all
The doctor said I was deaf
My family was shock
Because my older brother is deaf too
My Mum was there for me
My Mum work hard to learn sign language
And I wish I could thank her.

Now I have two brother who is deaf too.
I like being deaf because I can sign instead of speaking.
And I can be cheeky because I can turn off my hearing aid if anyone keep talking to me.
I hate when people say “how can you be deaf?” and more
I just wish the world would understand me of being deaf
And I want hearing people to learn sign languages
We can be equal and we can understand you.

One more thing- Deaf is the best!!!!!

Communicating with our hands
Hi! My name is James.
I am full deaf and half hearing
profoundly deaf on my right
and half deaf on my left.
My mum is a bit full deaf.
My dad is profoundly deaf
when you can’t hear nothing
like your hearing just went gone.
All you hear is nothing.
My brother is hearing.
He hears everything.
He answers the phone!
He answers the door!
It feels ok being deaf and I like being deaf.
Hearing aid really helps me hear.
I can hear more than my mum and dad.
My family use BSL.
if they don’t understand they just ask me
I sign it to them
I just talk for them.
I sign for my mum and dad when they really need help.
A bit proud and a bit embarrassed
when other people start to look.
They be thinking how can they communicate with their hands?
At home I sign
at school I speak.
I can hear what everybody’s saying
but not everything.
If I don’t really get ‘em
I get my friends to help me
or I just come up close
My Life

My life is cool
But people call me a fool
Mt Mum and Dad are so rad
My age is eleven but my niece is almost seven
My sisters are so strong but they have a gang
My older brother has lots of weight and he is getting a lot of height
So now I tell you my life is cool now
Nobody ever calls me a fool

My name is Foizul

I am deaf.
I go Laycock School
Because I deaf.
Deaf children come school.
We play outside.
I don’t like being deaf
Because everyone talking lots and lots.
My sisters are deaf.
My brother not deaf.
I like my hearing aids.
I can hear.
But on and off, on, off, on, off…….
Makes me fed up.
When I take out hearing aids,
I like quiet.

My Brother

I tremble with fear
When cars come near
Because he cannot hear
Because deaf is not easy
Or easy peasy lemon squeezy
People want to take a
Break because being Deaf
Is not a piece of cake
I try to talk to him
But he just answers ‘what’
I wish it could stop
I have to talk in his ear
I wish he could hear.