Beep beep

Beep beep
Beep beep
It tells me
Have run out of battery.
Tap tap
No batteries
All is quiet like the trees.
Nothing is all I hear
Have to lip read
To Hear with my eyes.
Every time I have to plead
For my new batteries.


Being deaf
Being deaf
I like being deaf but it can be annoying.
And my battery keeps running out at bad times.
My implant is helpful because I can hear with it.
Day after day people ask me about my implant.
Every time I struggle to hear people when it’s loud in the background.
At night I like it because I can sleep without hearing anything.
Friends are nice to me despite me being deaf.
Most of the time I like being deaf.
I remember being at the hospital sitting on the bed with a bandage around my head.
A few years ago I went to a fair for deaf people.
I remember being in a film about being deaf and it made me feel famous.
My life being deaf
I got my hearing aids when I was 9 months.
When I was in nursery I put my hearing aids in the toilet.
I didn’t know what to do with my hearing aids.
I like going to the hospital to check my hearing aids.
I hate when my batteries ran out.
And I hate when my sister says “is it working your hearing aids?”
In the future I want to be a children’s nurse so I can check children’s blood.
I will be brave.
I am Deaf because…

I am deaf because I was born with it.
I am deaf because… what do you think?
Figure it out yourself.

I don’t like being deaf cos
Changing batteries
Go to hospital
Fiddle with the microphone on/off

Why don’t I just not be deaf for one day?
I’d like that.
But it won’t come true,
Why don’t we have a deaf party and a deaf school just for deaf people around the world?
I like that, sounds great.

“They just don’t get it!”

Being silent, without sound
Hearing nothing all around.
Batteries dead, “I HATE THIS!”
“They just don’t get it!”

I’m special, special
Spoilt little girl
My brother thinks I’m lucky
“He just doesn’t get it!”

Subtitles on the T.V.
Always there
I have to read the words
“They just don’t get it!”

I’m lucky, lucky
Free bus pass
I don’t need to pay
“They just don’t get it!”

Sometimes I get embarrassed.
Sometimes I need help.
Sometimes I don’t.
“They just don’t get it!”

I’m happy, happy
A the youth club
With other deaf children.
“They all get it!”

Calling me for tea,
Calling at the door,
Calling me behind my back
“I just don’t hear it!”

Why do I have to listen
When I can just switch off?
Who do you think you are?
“You just don’t get it!”

On the main road
Danger all around
Noisy cars but no sound
“They just don’t get it!”

I’m disappointed, disappointed
My friends can sing to music
But I can’t hear the words
“I just don’t get it!”

Being Deaf

People ask me how I feel being deaf.
Simple, I can’t hear,
No wait, its much more than that,

I feel so frustrated,
When the batteries run out,
But when I’ve put new ones in I’m happy
Without a doubt, undoubtedly
Should I put some new ones in tomorrow? Probably

People always talking all at the same time
Then I say “please one at a time”
But then they carry on,
Every time

When I’m in class
I feel I don’t belond
Because I’m the only one there
With a microphone

But luckily,
My friend’s understand
So I don’t have much hassle now
Because that I can’t stand!

Deaf feeling

Deaf people is powerful
Enormous brain and strong heart
Amazing gift from them
Fast, strong, smart is deaf
Deaf can be smart than hearing

Radio aid and batteries make me angry
Changing volumes and pump the tube keep me mad
Don’t be mad and sad – frustrated
You still got power in your ear
Strong brain got full of memory in the brain
Being deaf is different from hearing people
Stop bully deaf people
Stop giving bad thing to deaf people
Stop making fun of deaf people
Stop making deaf people become bully
Hearing and deaf are friend
Good friend

I happy to be deaf
My mum happy
My sister happy
My friend happy

Only the one me

I can’t really hear the wind much
Can’t really hear the bird
Can’t really hear quiet whispering much
Can’t really hear what u said.

I can’t really hear frog croak
Can’t really hear foot step
Can’t really hear people calling me from far
Can’t really hear cars driving up and down

That without my hearing aids.

With my hearing aids …

I can hear everything close to me
but not far away.
Sometimes people don’t understand
what I say.

When people shout near my ears
I feel a little bit of pain.
My brother makes my hearing aids fall out
He makes me insane!!!

There’s only the one me
Everyone knows me from the DSC!

I’ve got hearing aids
I don’t know why.
If I don’t have batteries
My hearing aids will die …
Bye bye!

I am Deaf!

I am Deaf
I’ve got one implant
When I got my implant
It was great!!
I could hear everyone

When I was little I had hearing aids
I didn’t like it
I kept on taling them off

My sisters stay at home
My mum teaches them
But I go to school
to find deaf children

I don’t like it
when my batteries run out
I don’t like it when
Children say,
“What’s that in your ear?”

I like it when I go swimming
I can’t hear anything
but my family sign for me
and I know what they mean

Soon I’ll get another implant
I feel excited
I will hear cars going both ways

I will be safe…

Deaf Life

As I’m deaf, it’s hard to listen,
They make me hold my head up high,
I’m sometimes bored and at times excited,
I hardly see deaf people,
I want to know their deaf life.

People who help, I feel thankful for helping us,
Teachers, audiologists and friends.
‘Things’ help but they aren’t things,
They are to help you.
We would be nowhere without them:
Hearing aids, batteries, radio aids, puffers.
Everyone really cares for us.