Street signs

Street signs

By: Hayley McWilliams, Thomas Tallis Secondary School, Year 10

Laughing, giggling, chatting, all in a good mood.




Suddenly our moods changes

We walking on and on, without saying a word

Everyone staring at us with those big beady eyes, like a hawk,

as if we have done something wrong.


We carry on and on and again we are in a good mood

Again goes BANG!

I feel like I want to shout out to everyone

“Haven’t you seen Sign Language before?”

“Have you not met anyone like us?”

But I know I can’t


Everyone is staring at us again.

We feel different inside but do we care?

Some of us do, some of us don’t.


We walk into a street enjoying ourselves then it’s like we came from somewhere else.


Déjà vu, everything starts again.


I don’t want this.




How do we know what they are thinking?

Why is this all starting again?

Have I been sent back in time?

I want to get out of here.