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How deaf affects life

Affecting life of your future Dream jobs are harder to achieve Nightmares coming true Changing what you believe Past stories are funny to listen New memories every moment Reunion with friends from past Hoping things will last Embarrassing mistakes from Lack of understanding Thankfully friends are there for me Understanding life is not easy

My Uncle

My Uncle is awesome He visit my kingdom I feel happy He valued me My family don’t know sign language Understand family say what? No My Uncle knows sign language Understand Uncle say what? Yes My uncle understand what deaf mean I don’t feel isolated My uncle used to copy Mr Tumble funny clown Make [...]

I am Deaf

I am Deaf When I was little I couldn’t hear a sound I am Deaf Outside in public I feel awesome and famous Everyone stares at me It makes me feel famous! I am Deaf When I hear loud noises I take my implant off It is so peaceful I feel relaxed I am Deaf [...]

A visit to the Deaf world

Deaf people sign I watch them and it is amazing So many people wait in line To go in the Deaf world Police officers sign I am Impressed They show me their motorbikes The siren was fantastic I start to sign Feeling brave I waved at the deaf people The Deaf world was wonderful

Deaf, Deaf, Deaf

Deaf, Deaf, Deaf What does it mean It`s mean lacking the power of hearing People are so mean They won`t understand We are in wonderland We`ve got to accept Our hearing Needs to get it check Deaf, Deaf, Deaf What does it mean It`s mean lacking the power of hearing People are so mean People [...]

My Life!

I really angry because Bury Park people look my hearing aid. I feel so depressed I want stop people STOP LOOK AT ME! I want deaf club for teenage only! I want go out, fun with friend. I like to go out visit different places, no boring.

My Life of Deaf the Stress

When people hearing see me signing , it looks like i’m a stupid person deaf and dumb, I’m Frustrated that people laugh to me. Deaf People are not stupid I need to tell the government to make life safe for the deaf. Hearing people learn to sign! whole schools with a new lesson, BSL. If [...]

My Life

How I am feels hurt, Why I was born deaf? When grow up I can’t speak words English My family why? I alone deaf for my family never sign Why? I angry I want out I do not like hearing Why? i do not understand Bored home I always am angry,want to out WhenI was [...]

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