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Who I am

I am a teenage girl
who is one of a kind

Never Give up

Never give up in your dreams
You never know what you can achieve
Just keep trying following your heart

I do it all

I’m in full time education and Yet I have to do more than my fair share My dad does not seem to care My mum have got a job And I’m proud of her But not so much now That I have more on my plate I’m looking after my puppy I’m cleaning the kitchen [...]


I was born hearing
and became deaf (hard of hearing)
when I was very young

Born into silence

First the shock The realisation Not what we expected Not what we dreamed A cruel reality Our child born into silence Our world changed forever Fear of the future Fear of the unknown The clock ticks Options present themselves Hope springs A world of sound Even though the sound is different It is there And [...]

My Two Implants And Me!

“My name is Khadija Khalid and this is a poem about my TWO implants and me” I had my TWO implants when I was only TWO. Mummy tells me I was TOO much trouble as I never wore them. Now Mummy tells me I talk TOO much. I am happy now to have my TWO [...]

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