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I am Deaf

I was born,
Born with deafness.
Left out of hearing world.

Who said that?

Who said we can’t be a teacher?
Who said we can’t be a driver?
Who said we can’t be doctor?

Who Am I

I feel……
I don’t know who I am anymore

Love life as it is

Don’t be unhappy because you can’t hear
as we’ll as every one else
They should love you as you are
because you are beautiful!

When I say Repeat

Have I said repeat to you?
I hope you understand,
That I don’t mean speak slower.
I just didn’t understand.

How deaf affects life

Affecting life of your future Dream jobs are harder to achieve Nightmares coming true Changing what you believe Past stories are funny to listen New memories every moment Reunion with friends from past Hoping things will last Embarrassing mistakes from Lack of understanding Thankfully friends are there for me Understanding life is not easy

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