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Deaf Can

Communicate, fingerspell, visual
Responsible, beautiful, special, love.

Deaf Can’t

Stop friend, isolated, unfair, lonely.
Hard speak, can’t hear

Deaf best!

Rugby and Football. Deaf can win. Deaf funny and deaf film. BSL is a rich language. Deaf can work. Deaf can travel. Deaf BSL fantastic.  

Anything Impossible

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I learn from you. Involve me and now I remember. If you dream, I know sometime you thought it could be real but, and sometime you want be winner all the time… It hard to believe to someone or in yourself, it anything impossible… Don’t push yourself. [...]

you don’t get a choice

do you think I get a choice
that I’m deaf or hearing
you don’t get to pick
it just happens

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