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Do not stand at my grave

Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there, I do not sleep I am always your daughter I am your beautiful sweetheart I am always in your sweet dream I am your forever So don’t forget me I am your favourite angel I am your lovely girl Do not stand at [...]


The wind wafts made the sea cold but the creature loves it She dance on the water Show offs skills. She never stops eating fish But she never wash her dish She loves making sounds Like a singing bird

Transmitter to find

I can’t work I have to search Transmitter to find It on my mind Told off I shall be I shall have to leave To find the transmitter From the drama teacher She has left out school Now I’m stuck to the stool In fear of what happen When mr Hawse learns what happened

Don’t weep at my grave

Don’t weep at my grave because I am not there I am always with a colourful butterfly which we will fly all around the air I will be dancing in the sunshine wild and free moving my body with the wind while I am waiting for you

Changing me

Sitting in middle, all alone
Cool air, sun shining
and beautiful day
But is it?


Crayons are the way
to start your childhood

This is for my Dad

My heart is melting down
My body is shaking
My mind is bursting
My emotion is away…

I love being hard of hearing

I love wearing hearing aids I wear wicked swagger hearing aids They feel so comfortable They feel smooth and spongy in my ears When I don’t want to listen to people I turn them off and nod my head As if I’m listening When I’m not If people think that I’m a fool Well then [...]

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