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My Grandfathers dream

I feel proud that I can live My grandfather’s dream To become an artist And I know that He would be proud of me That I followed my own heart And do a subject that he I love Which is art You see his dad forced him to be a vet When he wanted to [...]

Me and my 2 implants

I love ny implants beacause they help me hear My mum loves me beaing deaf Proud is how i feel Lucky to have deaf friends and hearing friends A implant doesn’t bother me No implants i wouldn’t able to hear


Love the deaf they are too kind they are rich in showing love but they are not given dignity they are generous they live to make others happy i think their nature is more kind than us…

My Implants

My mum helps me a lot with my deafness You don’t have to be afraid of being deaf I love my friends, family and my mum My future is going to be the best because I’m going to have a hot husband and be famous and have twins Plea not guilty for being deaf Love [...]

What like wearing hearing aids?

Hearing aids are very useful for me Even though people look at it Alisha is funny, weird and the best Reading is one of my favourite hobbies I sometimes sign and sometimes talk No hearing aids means I can’t hear Good good hearing aids Answer my work all the time I really like my hearing [...]

Living with Implants

I am deaf and I am happy to have implants. When I was little I couldn’t hear at all. I like wearing them. They make me feel special when I wear it. My family are the only important to me. I would like to end this poem by saying I LOVE MY IMPLANTS!

My life the athlete

When I hit that stage No I’m not afraid I just give it my all I have my eye on the ball I feel the rhythm from my head to my feet They start dancing to the beat Im focused on the task I don’t come in last And I’m ready to compete

Fearing… then hearing!

When I was in year two My mum told me to be brave She took me to the hospital And gave me a kiss and a wave   I was having an operation An implant in my right ear Hearing aids were no good for me But my processor helps me hear   I feel [...]

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