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If you meet a deaf student…

If you meet a deaf student… DON’T be silly!! If you meet a deaf student… DON’T speak fast English!! If you meet a deaf student… DON’T swear!! If you meet a deaf student… DON’T be boring!! If you meet a deaf student… DO say hello! If you meet a deaf student… DO be funny, have [...]

Being Deaf

People ask me how I feel being deaf. Simple, I can’t hear, No wait, its much more than that, I feel so frustrated, When the batteries run out, But when I’ve put new ones in I’m happy Without a doubt, undoubtedly Should I put some new ones in tomorrow? Probably People always talking all at [...]

Only one

Only one who is deaf in my family But more deaf in my left ear There is nothing I can do I became deaf when I was nearly two I am 13 years old I’ve had an operation, there was no complication from a cochlear implant There is nothing I can do It was for [...]

A deaf elephant in Africa

It look like a lovely elephant, hair gold and silver Ears look like they like cool music Feet look like cow boys tail look like shampooed. It got no hearing aid it deaf and can’t hear. It need special hearing aid not a normal one If Mum and dad call, can’t hear. All Africa need [...]

Sign Language

Oi! Hearing people Things you don’t know 1. BSL uses facial expressions, not acting. This is my meaning. 2. Important point – the pointy finger is important Point Point This is my meaning. 3. Deaf people have sign names. Fingerspelling is soooo boring – use our sign names, make it interesting Involve us Persuade us [...]


Feeling alone Reacts badly to my annoying sister Understanding me people struggle with Swimming is my hobby Thinking of a cochlear Ringing in my ears Aids play up Trouble pronouncing words Interested in skateboarding Not hearing phone ring Grrrr I’m Angry so RUN


Cheeky like a monkey Happy when I go on holiday A very good girl Rabbit is my favourite Love my bed Often go to my friend house Usually to Deaf club on Friday Interest in computers Sometime I’m sad Eastenders is my favourite soap

How I Feel Being Deaf?

I was born completely different from my family, The only one who’s deaf. Sometimes it makes me feel strange: “Why I am the only one who’s deaf”, Now being with my friends makes me feel happy, I am not the only one who’s deaf. I have lots of hearing friends and deaf friend too. It [...]

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