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i was born deaf

i was born deaf
that is who i am
you cant change that,
no one else can

I am deaf

people stare at me
i dont stare back
i just act like i cant see it
but i really can

Quiet (from Matilda)

When ever I sing, hear, watch this song
it reminds me about my hearing impairment.

When I say repeat

Have I said repeat to you?
I hope you understand,
That I don’t mean speak slower.
I just didn’t understand.

My life

Deafness is me
Enthusiastic people
Never give up
Time is important
Isolated is how I feel

My life in the world

Deaf people not dumb
Everyone needs to sign
Need communication
Talking by hands

My deaf identity

Individuals you are
Together with friends
You don’t give up

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