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I had enough – of all the fights

The constent fights between my dad and sister Is tearing me apart is breaking my heart I’ve had enough and want this madness to end Oh way oh way can’t they just be friends or At least try and get along My puppy is upset and feeling confused I try to explain but don’t really [...]

Life’s Struggles and Triumphs

Growing up deaf is a challenge at times. Sometimes I switch from speech to sign. I own two hearing aids. Being deaf has its perks, Like meeting lots of other deaf people, and talk to people. I still enjoy music even though I am deaf. Being deaf will not stop me from achieving what I [...]

Deaf Poem

I am a boy, a brother, a grandson and a son. I am a football player for Belfast Deaf United as striker and a gamer. I am deaf and use sign language (sometimes speak) I love play games, sports, football is my favourite sport and listening music I am a teenager sometimes frustrated, sometimes happy, [...]

I am Deaf

I am Deaf I am Deaf and I use sign language. At home we all use sign language. Communication is great at home I love it. I am Deaf and go to a Deaf school. My class all use sign language. Communication is great at school I love it. I am Deaf and I live [...]

Be Deaf Be Happy

Be Deaf Be Happy Be happy no matter who you are. Happiness is important, but sadness is important as well because it helps you to understand more about life. Also it will help you to be stronger than before. I am deaf and it will not stop me, I’m proud of it. Because life is [...]

Why don’t they see?

All the fighting all the shouting And I’m stick in the middle Trying to please both sides My dad and sis arguing All day and night Twenty-four hours Seven days a week I’ve had enough all they think is themselves And not the damage it’s doing to our family My puppy and kittens are confused [...]

I have to be strong for him

I have to be strong for him Even if I don’t feel it inside I have to be happy and not show fear Otherwise his hope will just disappear He is only little he is only young But he is so bright and I don’t want him to feel frighten or upset Also I have [...]

It feels strange without you here

It feels so strange without you here Like you just disappeared Be we know your looking down on us From above and your feel with pride We shared laughter we shared tears We never really shared any fears You was one of the best CSWs And we really miss you It was hard to explain [...]

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