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Be Strong

Do what makes you smile Do even if it’s not worthwhile Do it because you can Let your voice be heard Let your heart sing Let your love shine and glow You can do it if you try There’s no reason to be shy Just take no noticeted of what they say And you will [...]

They do not accept who I am

People do not respect me; they do not like me. I try join in with a warm hearted community. They moan too much. They are selfish. They are close minded. They do not accept who I am. A dark atmosphere comes over me. It crashes over me like the waves of the sea. I am [...]

Being DEAF

am I a devil, am I a demon, or even perhaps a ghost? Who am I then? am I a mermaid, am I a unicorn, under the sea and above the clouds? Who am I? am I a nerd and a freak, or maybe popular and bright, do I matter or not matter? am I [...]

Hearing/deaf poem

I am a daughter sister niece aunt cousion I am a rhythmic gymnast/voleentee, pet owner I am hearing but can also sign I am a deaf poet artists and enjoy doing puzzles I am proud to be half deaf and half hearing I am not ashamed of being different its quite fun actually I am [...]

only realise it when its gone

only realise it when it gone only want the morning when its dawn only want to sleep when your awake want to go to school on christmas break only know your lover when you let her go only know the sun when it starts to snow they say word dont hurt thats a lie cause [...]

My Two Implants And Me!

“My name is Khadija Khalid and this is a poem about my TWO implants and me” I had my TWO implants when I was only TWO. Mummy tells me I was TOO much trouble as I never wore them. Now Mummy tells me I talk TOO much. I am happy now to have my TWO [...]

Who I am

Who I am I am a teenage girl who is one of a kind a concept and album the living perfume can’t tell but best of creations needs and wants first and last can’t describe who I am

In My World Of Silence

My world can be so silent And it sometimes brings a tear, The laughter of the children, I long, one day, to hear To hear the birds each morning, Greeting another day, But my world is one of silence One that’s hard to convey For it can be real lonely When I feel I’m not [...]

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