Only the one me

Only the one me

By: Chris Packer, Thomas Tallis School, Year 7

I can’t really hear the wind much
Can’t really hear the bird
Can’t really hear quiet whispering much
Can’t really hear what u said.

I can’t really hear frog croak
Can’t really hear foot step
Can’t really hear people calling me from far
Can’t really hear cars driving up and down

That without my hearing aids.

With my hearing aids …

I can hear everything close to me
but not far away.
Sometimes people don’t understand
what I say.

When people shout near my ears
I feel a little bit of pain.
My brother makes my hearing aids fall out
He makes me insane!!!

There’s only the one me
Everyone knows me from the DSC!

I’ve got hearing aids
I don’t know why.
If I don’t have batteries
My hearing aids will die …
Bye bye!