Morning chaos

Morning chaos

By: Lia Richardson, St Patrick's , Year 7

My morning chaos begins,
Sunlight filters through my pale silk curtains
And flows through my soft sleepy eyelids.

I lie in silence.
Downstairs I know the kettle boils,
The dogs are barking and drawers are clashing.
But I don’t hear…

I lie in silence.
Outside I know cars are driving past,
Lawnmowers hum and neighbours chat.
But I still don’t hear…

I stretch.
I stretch out my arm and feel…
I feel the box and open it.
But I still don’t hear…

My favourite pink accessory.
I wear it everyday,
School don’t mind!
But I still don’t hear…

My lifeline.
I switch it on
And place it on my head.
Now I hear!

Everything comes alive,
Taps run, footsteps run.
Mum shouts,” Taxi’s here!”
She blows me a kiss,
I still hear!

Ready for the day ahead.
A day of listening
And learning.
My cochlear implant
Helps me hear!