Loves, hates and dreams

Loves, hates and dreams

By: Tahiya E-Khoda, Laycock School, Year 6

I love, I love
Playing with my brother
I love I love
Wearing my hearing aids.
They make me hear better.

I love I love my family.
When I was a little girl,
I never took my hearing aids off.

I love I love
People telling me that I am a quiet girl.

I hate I hate
People shouting at me.
I hate I hate
My hearing aids going
Off on off on,
It makes me so annoyed.

I dream I dream
About playing with deaf children
And sometimes hearing children.
I dream I dream
About shopping with my family,
About going on holiday with my family.

When I grow, I grow,
I will love to be a teacher,
A teacher of deaf children.