I am deaf!

I am deaf!

By: Fatima Ibrahim, Thomas Tallis Secondary School, Year 10

Really I am deaf

That I never knew

When I was born my first day hearing


After I was born

People kept asked me

How can you be deaf?

And I say that is how

I was just born


I thought I was hearing

Really was I deaf?


I never knew

How? How? How?


And I was arrived

On first day

I never realise that

Only one person be deaf


Oh, I wished I be hearing because it waste my time

To change my battery

And all hearing people

Don’t have battery, hearing aid and radio aid

And not go to hospital


Unfair. Unfair.


But really I like my best friends and family

Because they be there for me

I thought just me


But still I’m lucky

Because the fantastic sign language

Deaf can get award and be famous

And lucky … they nice group … deaf people