Good days and bad days

Good days and bad days

By: Jordan Ring, Shooters Hill post-16 campus, College

What’s it like being deaf?
Not very nice to be honest.
Hopefully there’s a cure for me one day,
An operation to fix the hairs.

My hearing loss deteriorated.
At the start it was very good.
Thought nothing of it.
I could hear without my hearing aids quite well actually.
Then my hearing started going down like a bird being shot from the sky
or like the sun being eclipsed by the moon.

I’m always comparing
Being hearing to being deaf.

My hearing aids are very important to me.
I can’t hear anything without them anymore.
I wish I was hearing.
I think about it quite a lot.

On a good day …
I can hear people.
There’s no glue ear making it worse,
blocking the sound like a dam.
I’m much more confident.

On a bad day …
I can’t hear.
I can’t pronounce my words properly.
I’m frustrated depressed quiet and I just want to get home.
I have my good days and bad days
80% good
20% bad.