Deaf children across the UK sent poems to the Life & Deaf website between 2006 and 2011. These poems show a broad range of positive and negative thoughts and feelings about deafness and identity. Lines from over 50 of the poems were woven together to create a collective poem ‘That’s not all of me”. This formed the basis of the film script. Deaf young people aged 11–22 years were involved as writers, consultants, actors, make-up artists and producers.
‘Life & Deaf: That’s not all of me’ was premiered at the Southbank Centre in March 2012. Since then it has been screened in IndigO2, the Barbican and in cinemas in Kiev in the Ukraine and Berlin in Germany. The film won the Ritter Sport Award in the 2012 Zebra International Poetry Film Festival and has been shortlisted at the Toronto International Deaf Film and Arts Festival and Deaffest UK.