Deaf versus hearing

Deaf versus hearing

By: Mustapha Ahmed, Shooters Hill post-16 campus, Year 12

Deaf can challenge hearing

Hearing can challenge Deaf


Whatever we win we lose!


Hearing’s world is very powerful

They listen to words and pick up some words!

Deaf’s sign is very powerful

They watch and learn and pick up some sign.


Hearing can’t sign very well but speak very good and better than deaf.

Deaf can’t speak very well but sign strongly and better than hearing.


Hearing could learn sign language

Deaf could improve their speech skills

That would be equal!


Hearing can hear anywhere but….

Deaf can see anywhere…

That would be equal!


Hearing can listen on the phone and talk to mates! But….

Deaf can text on the phone and keep in touch forever..

That would be equal !


Deaf as a post or deaf at the winning post.

Hearing as a bat but blind to all things around.


Hearing can turn into deaf. But…

Deaf can’t turn into hearing.