Being DEAF

Being DEAF

By: Katrina Teacy, Thomas Tallis secondary school, 7

am I a devil,
am I a demon,
or even perhaps a ghost?
Who am I then?

am I a mermaid,
am I a unicorn,
under the sea and above the clouds?
Who am I?

am I a nerd and a freak,
or maybe popular and bright,
do I matter or not matter?

am I a weirdo and strange,
or maybe a normal and different person,
do I have a weird personality or a normal personality?
Of course I am human, I’m a girl, but I am also deaf.

I am deaf
and I am living by it!
there is nothing wrong with being deaf.

Being DEAF
is unique and different.
We can’t help that because
that’s who we are.