Being Deaf

Being Deaf

By: Emma Jones, Alun School, Year 10

Being deaf is great.
Being deaf is like normal.
What is it like being deaf?
We can be born being deaf.
Some people sign, some people don’t sign when they are deaf.

Being deaf is terrible.
Being deaf is like bad times.
Some people don’t like being deaf.
Why do we have to be deaf?

Hearing people dream about being deaf, that’s good!
Or isn’t it good?
I don’t know, I don’t even know about being deaf.
I think being deaf is better than hearing.
I can learn better and sign better.
Being deaf is lucky.
Deaf people are the luckiest guys in the world!
Being deaf is wonderful
Like being a wonderful person.
Being deaf means hearing aids come in handy.

Being Deaf! Being Deaf! It’s just so great!