By: Oguz Arisoy, Laycock School, Year 6

I am named Oguzhan Arisoy.
I am deaf.
I wear hearing aids.

Being deaf is when you can’t hear/
It is so hard.
I have to listen very carefully.
So it gets so exhausting.

When I go to bed,
I take my hearing aids off.
Taking them off,
Allows me to sleep peacefully.
No more listening.

And when I do sleep,
I dream.
I dream about my school,
About everyone being deaf.

Then the phone alarm goes off.
It’s half past 6!
Time to go to school.

I get on the bus.
Then I hear something go “BEEP, BEEP…..BEEP, BEEP…..BEEP.”

It’s my hearing aids.

My batteries have run out AGAIN!!!

I get to school.
Time to listen.

I hate my hearing aids,
But I like them at the same time.
So I would never be anywhere…..
…..without them.