A day with Julia Donaldson

A day with Julia Donaldson

On 26th March 20 deaf young people had a unique opportunity to spend a day with Julia Donaldson, famous author and Children’s Laureate. The students worked with Julia to create a new children’s book featuring deaf, signing characters entitled ‘What the Jackdaw saw …’. They worked alongside two professional illustrators, Becky Bailey and Bev Wilson, to bring their ideas to life in pictures.


The students’ feedback was very positive. Their reflections included:

‘My day experience with Juila Donaldson is epic! I can’t believe it that I have an opportunity like this! I was very grateful to take a part on this workshop with her and other Deaf young people. During in workshop, I learnt about how to write a children book which I would like to write in the future for young children. It is very good tips. I believe that it has encourage other young Deaf people to write a book and improving their grammar’.

‘I learnt to put unusual words together that I thought wasn’t work’.

‘How to use lot of technique about how to write story for younger’.

 ‘Lots of thing. It explored my imagination. It gain my knowledge. It make me feel I am confident’.